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Character Creation 101; Making the Main Protaganist

Hello, this is OpalZodiac. This right here will be a non-in depth tutorial on characters and story creation. Expect more of these since they are basic, broad, and are easy to understand than the more complex things in stories.

Now, to make a character. A main character to be exact. When making a character the first thing to begin on is their personality. To make the personality balance out, divide their personality into 4 positive traits and 4 flaws. You can add or subtract the number of traits and flaws along its equal number.

Next what are their goal(s)? This is the second most important if not, most important thing about your character. This what drives you character. For example; Ichigo from Bleach wants to protect his family, that is his goal. His goal kickstarted the story and give some thing to strive for. A goal or motivation can be anything from being king to being a normal housewife.

Lastly, the miscellaneous. What do like or dislike? Do they have fears and phobias? Any hobbies or quirks? Once you add them ask why they have them. There always a story to everything when it comes to a character. These will add more depth to their personality. Apply these thing to your character and you’ll have a more likeable and dynamic character.

There will be more things that we’ll cover in-depth later. Right now we’re going over the basics. Later I will have some fun methods to create characters. In the comments, show off your character with the personality method in this post. Ask any question about this post or for any details. I hope I helped a least a little.